Calm Effects is a small family-run business specialising in calming products and remedies for infants, children and adults. We are the proud creators of "Sleepykidz", a calming but fun magnesium sulphate-based bath additive for children.

Created By Mums For Mums

Like many families we have often struggled to get our children to go to sleep at bedtime. Especially at the end of an exciting day and when the kids are hyped and over-tired. One day a friend suggested to us that we try a product that they add to their bath to relax them at the end of a hard day. The results were astounding. Our children were more calm and seemed to be much easier to get to sleep at bedtime.

6 months on we had created "SleepyKidz" which not only makes bath time fun, bubbly, colourful and sweet-smelling, but also softens the skin and harnesses the unique benefits of magnesium sulphate to relax and detoxify them at the same time. With regular use it can have an on going calming effect, especially noticeable at bedtimes and especially on children with a tendency for hyperactivity and misbehaviour. For more information on the many benefits of using SleepyKidz, see About Magnesium Sulphate.

Our Philosophy: Natural Ingredients

At Calm Effects we cherish the health and wellbeing of all children, so we use natural ingredients as far as possible. We do put SLS (a common ingredient of all shampoos and bubblebaths) in our children's range (not in our baby range), although the concentration is deliberately kept extremely low and far below the levels commonly found in many well known shampoo, shower gel and bubblebath products.

Our products are tested on ourselves, our children and our extended family and friends - so you can rest assured that they meet the most rigorous standards of safety and quality!