Sleepykids Bathtime Fun - Candy Floss 1kg
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Sleepykids Bathtime Fun - Candy Floss 1kg

Let's face it - children love bath time, but they are not so keen on bed time. With this exciting flavour of SleepyKidz they get to enjoy an exciting, bubbly, colourful and sweet smelling bath while the magnesium sulphate sooths, de-stresses and detoxifies them. The result: a relaxed child ready to go to sleep calmly and peacefully.

Candy Floss flavour makes your bath smell like the candy floss stall at a funfair. All the yummy sweet sugary fun but without the sugar of course. And instead of a sugar rush, this candy floss will calm the little ones down!

We recommend about 75-80ml (3 scoops) of SleepyKidz in a standard childrens' bath. A 1kg pack will last about 2 weeks, and is ideal as a smaller pack to take on holiday or a short trip. You can also buy several flavours and mix them together to make your own exciting colour and flavour combinations.

To read more about SleepyKidz, visit the SleepyKidz page.

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